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Date(s) - 02/04/2016
12:00 f m


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Kulturföreningen anordnar en Hollywoodkväll

The time has finally come! The drinks are prepared,
the red carpet has been rolled out, and a transformed Skogis
is awaiting the new, glamorous you!

There will be sketches and live music performances, besides
a lot of Skogis-related humour and decoration.
One drink and a lot of fancy snacks is included in the price of
100 SEK.

Do NOT miss your chance to participate at this unique event!

All Skogis-members are welcome to join, but there are a
limited amount of tickets, so make sure you get yours as
soon as possible!

All you have to do is to send an email to kultur@skogisstudentkar.se before the 28th of mars,
including Hollywood and your name.
(The registration is binding and the fee is paid at the entrance. )

100 SEK

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Send your questions to kultur@skogisstudentkar.se
(We will not mix them up with the applications, I promise! //Hanna)

We look forward to seing you the 2nd!

The year was 2014. A group of students sat together during lunch, dreaming about what they might accomplish once their
association Kulturföreningen finally would be official.
”I have an idea!” One of the Hannas said. ” Let’s turn Skogis into someting the union members never have seen before! Let us change it, for one night, turning it into something spectacular!”. The other members of the soon-to-be association
nodded in agreement. ”But how?” one of them asked. ”By making it a theme-party, with fancyness and glamour and the
real Great Gatsby-feeling to it!”. No more questions were asked. All of the members knew, that this was something they neeeded to do.