PhD Student Council for SHS

The PhD Student council at the Faculty of Forest Sciences represents the PhD students in committees and councils and arranges social activities, seminars and workshops for the PhD students at the Faculty of Forest Sciences. The representatives for 2017 are:


Clydecia Spitzer: Chairman & Membership Responsible.
Dept. of Forest Ecology and Management (Umeå)
Ivan Huuva: Representative in Faculty Board (FN) and Representative in Seth M Kempes scholarship fund.
Dept. of Forest Resource Management (Umeå)
Brian Danley: Vice chairman and Representative in Research Education Council (FUR).
Dept. of Forest Economics (Umeå)
Sabine Pfeffer: Secretary.
Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental studies (Umeå)
Sabrina Dreßel: Representative in the committee for appointing associate professors and professors.
Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental studies (Umeå)
Mattias Engman: Representative in SLUSS-DN.
Dept. of Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre (Alnarp)

Robert Spitzer: Treasurer.
Dept. of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental studies (Umeå)
Michelle Nordkvist: Representative in Research Education Committee (FUN).
Dept. of Ecology (Uppsala)
Domenique André: Representative for Equal Rights Committee.
Dept. of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology (Umeå)

Raul Fernandez Lacruz: Webmaster.
Dept. of Forest Biomaterials and Technology (Umeå)


Coming activities

New PhD student at SLU?

In this page (English, Swedish) you can find relevant information regarding PhD studies.

Become a member in the student association and get the student card (”Mecenatkortet”) with all its benefits! At this page you can find more information on the membership. Please, contact the Membership responsible (Medlemsansvarig) at the PhD Council, Clydecia Spitzer, to get the application and paying form.

For questions in general, please contact

Alternatively, you can contact:
Clydecia Spitzer (Chairman of the Board/Membership responsible)
Raul Fernandez Lacruz (Webmaster)

Do you have any other questions or want discuss anything? Please, send us an e-mail or join our meetings!

What would you like us to organize? In order to improve participation in the events that we organize, we need to know what you would like to attend, but also how you would like the PhD Student Council to work.



Seth M Kempes’ stipend fund/Seth M Kempes stipendiefond

Waiting for the next application call. Information will be sent out by e-mail.