International Relations

IR, International Relations, has the overall responsibility to see to the exchange students who come to SLU Umeå. IR has as a primary assignment to pick up new exchange students at their arrival spot, i.e. train station or airport. IR also bring keys to the exchange students staying, and provide the students with all necessary practical information about their time in Sweden and at SLU. The board of International Relations is also the Local Committee of IFSA. For more information aboute IFSA see the IFSA-page.

In addition, IR also arrange other activities during the semesters, at least one activity every month. Examples of activities are

  • camping
  • ice fishing
  • cooking evenings
  • playing rounders
  • visiting an elk farm
  • going on a ski trip

IR is also in charge of the very popular International Club at Skogis, held once every semester.

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